Our Services

At Voilaah, we strived to create a holistic product based on strong design, sound user experience and solid development.

Branding + Design

We create and conceptualize
pieces of art.

Web Design, EDMs and Logo Design

At Voilaah, we don’t just merely design. We meet your business objectives with art. Ultimately, the measure of your website success is the site’s ability to meet your business objectives, entice users and drive sales. Whether is it web designs, logo designs, EDMs, we conceptualize creative outputs that is imperative to your organization’s success.  


SEO & Marketing

To us, our job isn’t done after your website goes live. In fact, for a website to be effective, post-project management is important for to see how people are using the site. We'll look at entry points, popular content and other optimization strategies to make sure that both you and your users are getting the best web experience possible


Branding is not just logo design. A logo reflects what your company is about, your personality and your belief. A strong branding that is unique, practical and long-lasting is what we strived at Voilaah.

User Experience Design

Creating evoking experiences to your target audiences.

Creating Personal Value

To simplified user experience is all about understanding the user. At Voilaah, we believe the purpose of user experience design is to create personal value. As we create websites that allow users to feel good and be happy about, it will nevertheless contribute to a significant Return in Investment (ROI).

Understanding your users

To understand the users, we used a variety of methods and tools. Ranging from focus groups, interviews to wireframes and A/B testing, aligning the users’ need to that of clients’ business need remain paramount in our operations.


Web Development

We code and develop anything. Challenge us today.

Cross-Compatibility on all Platform

All our websites are built on the latest trend in web development. Regardless is it iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android or on your computer, your website will work fantastically.